Innovation Competencies Development

Innovation Competencies Barometer

The use of active learning methods like the new REHA calls for assessment criteria and methods that meet intended learning outcomes. It is not sufficient to use written performance tasks to assess the intended learning outcomes of an active learning method like the REHA. Rather there is a pressing need for new oral-performance-based assessment tools to fulfill the requirements that arise from the principle of constructive alignment in curriculum design.

The development of the Innovation Competencies Barometer ICB started with the definition of innovation competencies and was followed by the creation of an assessment rubric to be used to test the ICB in a given situation. The training of raters, small scale testing in each country and in-depth analysis of performance of the rubric and raters will be the next steps before refining the ICB for use with the REHAs in all partner countries.

INCODE Barometer pdf


Watts et. al., The Innovation Competencies Barometer and User Guide