Innovation Competencies Development

Research Hatchery (REHA)

The Research Hatchery is a concept for combining learning, innovation and research. It aims at narrowing the gap between the demand of professional skills and the acquired classroom skills of the students. The goal is to combine teaching and learning with research and development activities as well as serving the purposes of working life.

The operational idea of the concept is to offer a functional learning environment, where students, under counseling, can create new information with reliable methods by carrying out research assignments from own University, companies and other organisations.

The actors of a Research Hatchery consist of students, student assistants, Research and Design expert and a project leader or teacher. Students take on different responsibilities of the research and get credits for their work (amount differs between Universities). More experienced students act as tutors for their group.

Meetings organised in regular intervals aid in keeping different subprojects together. Learning occurs in different ways: through self-study, counselling and guidance as well as with the help of fellow students and more experienced researchers. During the REHA studies, it is possible for students and teachers to try out different working routines and make mistakes.


A guide for Research Hatcheries was produced in the INCODE-project. It can be find on: